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Degenerative Disk Disease

General Description

The term Degenerative Disc Disease is somewhat a misnomer as it is not actually a disease but is actually just the term associated with the structural degradation that occurs naturally in your spine as your age. Your spinal discs fit in-between the vertebrae in your spine and act as cushions so the bones do not grind together, they are also what give your back flexibility. When these become worn down, this can lead to having Degenerative Disc Disease.


With age the spinal discs begin to degenerate and sometimes if it is extreme, the degradation may be considered Degenerative Disc Disease. Degenerative Disc Disease may cause a loss of fluid in your spinal discs which reduces their ability to absorb shock and impact. The thinner that the disc becomes the less room there is between each vertebrae causing pain and sometimes leading to other complications.


Typical Treatment

There are many ways to combat the pain that comes with Degenerative Disc Disease including the use of ice or heat in combination with a type of acetaminophen like Tylenol, or an ibuprofen like Advil. However, if the pain does not subside with non-invasive treatments, and If you have any other health issues then Degenerative Disc Disease may lead to other complications and may require surgery.

How To Prevent it

Due to Degenerative Disc Disease being an effect of age it is not completely preventable. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a light but consistent exercise schedule is the best way to combat the onset of symptoms. Also always make sure to be conscious of your abilities when playing any sport, and making sure that you are fit enough to be able to safely do all of the actions it requires.