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Finding the Best Sports Therapy in Knoxville, TN

Whether you have suffered from a serious injury that has set you on the bench, or if you’re wondering if your form is right when exercising or playing a sport, sports medicine is a vital part of a healthy practice of sports. Sports therapy in Knoxville, TN is a vital part of the sports culture. It’s an important part of your regime, to avoid injuries, or to recover well from an injury that has already occurred.

Sports therapy concentrates on the rehabilitation of a patient who has suffered from an injury, allowing them to get back to their initial ability. It also entails the prevention of injuries, and can be beneficial for all age ranges, activity levels, and abilities.  A well-balanced approach to sports medicine combines both physiological and pathological processes to prepare patients for specific training, competitions, and even work environments that are highly active.

Sports therapists are healthcare professionals who use sport and exercise principles to improve performance, and aid in injury prevention. They are also on site to provide immediate care following an injury, and are able to assess, and treat their patient’s injuries. Sometimes they may even refer their patients if the injury or condition requires it. Sports therapists also plan rehabilitation programs, customizing them for each patient.

Sports therapist professionals are a highly important part of our sports medicine family.

A sports therapist will mainly focus on injury preventing strategies, recognition and evaluation of existing injuries, management, treatment, and referral of patients, rehabilitation, as well as patient education to help their patients better participate in their personal health. Sports therapists have been trained and educated in sport and exercise science. All too often, people believe that a sports therapist is just someone who gives sport massages. While these skills are an integral part of what they do, it is not all they do. They are able to use physiotherapy practices such as heat treatment, massages, electricity and exercise to improve their patient’s condition, instead of solely depending on surgery and pain medicine.

Our sports therapists use their sport and exercise knowledge, combined with extensive therapeutic abilities and deep understanding of how sports work, to be able to help their patients reach and maintain their optimal sport abilities, and for those who have been injured, optimum levels of recovery. Sports therapists are beside their patient on their journey from an initial injury, all the way to their return to normal activities. It is a massively important part of any athletes regimen, as well as anyone who wants to recover from an injury the best way possible. Sports therapists are also able to help people who have not suffered from an injury, but need help in knowing what the best form to use is, and how to maintain the strength in good form throughout the sports practice.  They reinforce and complement the extensive knowledge and talented skills of the rest of the sports medicine team. We believe that each patient deserves the best treatment from a caring professional team, this is why we aim to provide the best combined knowledge and customized treatment plans that will fit each individual’s need. Call us today to find out what local sports therapy in Knoxville, TN can do for you.