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The health and performance of your team is our highest priority.  We love working with independent athletic organizations to see athletes excel with drastically reduced chances for injury.


Injured during a weekend soccer event?
We can see you first thing Monday Morning.
Soccer Clinic starts at 7:30am.
Call 865-599-1166


Services Available to Your Team

  • $35 Sports Injury Triage
  • Concussion and head injury protocol screenings
  • MRI/XRay appointments within 24 hours if needed.
  • Monday Morning Soccer Clinic (Triage for $35 or use your insurance)
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation programs
  • Sportsmetrics ACL Prevention Program
  • Alter G (anti-gravity treadmill) training and stress tests
  • Lower extremity Active Isolated Stretching
  • Athletic event coverage with certified athletic trainers
  • Sports Performance Personal Training
  • Video Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Anti-Gravity Treadmill


We are proud to partner with these local sports organizations: