April 25, 2019 5 Tips for Faster Healing After an Injury

When you have a debilitating injury, all you want is to be able to get better. That seems obvious, but when you can’t do the laundry, or drive, or exercise, it’s not only frustrating, but it can be down right depressive. So other than good, old fashioned time, here are some tips to faster healing, no matter your injury! 

1. Listen to your doctor and physical therapy team.

I know. Self-explanatory, right? But this is so important. They don’t tell you to do the exercises and stretches just to hear themselves talk. They make a difference! So, use your crutches, keep it elevated, do your exercises, and whatever else they tell you to do with the same dedication that you feel towards getting better quickly. If you’re wondering if there is anything you can be doing to be proactive, give us a call and let us make sure you’re maximizing your down time. – 865-951-2975.

Physiotherapist helping woman with stiffener on the leg walking with crutches

2. Eat foods that speed up healing.

It’s tempting to drown your sorrows in Cheetos and soda, but that’s not doing your body any favors on aiding in the healing process. Ironically enough, when you’re healing, your body is working extra hard, so it needs more calories. Remember that sugar is taxing to your system, so it’s even more important to limit your sugar intake. Instead, fill your body with what it needs: more Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and protein. Here are some ideas for each:

  • Proteins: meats, beans, Greek yogurt, soy protein products, soy nuts, etc.
    • To cut down on the sugar in Greek yogurt, buy the plain yogurt and add honey as the sweetener. You can add sliced strawberries (high in Vitamin C) and some granola and you have a delicious, nutritious homemade parfait.
  • Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes and tomato juices, peppers, baked potatoes, and veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, etc.
    • Raw broccoli and raw peppers are super easy and filling snacks and easy to throw in a baggie in the mornings.
    • A citrus fruit salad is another simple way to get the majority of your power foods in one meal. Spinach, mandarin oranges, strawberries, and chicken is all you need!
  • Vitamin A: Sweet potatoes, kale, collar greens, salmon, liver, and cod liver oil are all high in Vitamin A. As a rule of thumb: dark green vegetables, leafy green vegetables, red or yellow vegetables, and oily fish normally all contain high levels of vitamin A.

If you’re not sure where to start, give Apple Healthcare a call and let them help you get on the right track.            

  3. Move.

     If it’s acceptable with your injury, moving around can increase blood flow and decrease inflammation. It’s tempting to become a couch potato, especially when moving can often take so much effort. But do your best to move. Go sit on your porch for 30 minutes and absorb some vitamin D. Go on a walk if that’s possible with your injury. Do whatever you can to stay as active as possible so you don’t get stiff and sedentary.

Injured Man with Crutches sitting on a bench

4. Look into alternative treatments.

       Tumeric tea is highly anti-inflammatory. It can be used instead of NSAIDs like ibuprofen to control inflammation. Chamomile tea is another that can be used during healing. Even though we may not think so, many injuries bring unpleasant emotions: fear, anxiety, stress from pain, frustration, etc. Chamomile tea not only relaxes you and relieves stress, but it calms muscle spasms, boosts immunity which can help you fight infection, helps to regenerate tissue, improves your mood, and speeds up metabolism.

5. Look into Reiki therapy.

    Unlike Rubenfeld Synergy, which mostly deals with the emotions that are stored in the body causing pain or anxiety, Reiki therapy has to do with the injury itself. It is often referred to as “energy healing.” Energy can stagnate in the body and these energy blocks can inhibit healing. Energy is meant to flow through us, so when that is disrupted, it can bring illness or slow healing. Reiki therapy uses the energy fields around the body to restore balance and allow the body to heal at it’s highest possible rate. We have a Certified Synergist in our office, so feel free to give her a call! She does complimentary phone consultations.              

Injuries can seem like they rob your freedom and your ability to do what you enjoy, but you’d be amazed what positive thinking and determination can do!

Written by: Jess Champion

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