March 1, 2018 The Keto Diet: Fad or Fact?

The Keto Diet: Fad or Fact?
Let’s preface this blog with this: We are big supporters of the Ketogenic diet. But we also pride ourselves on not only delivering facts, but being transparent in those facts, so we hope to accomplish both. Squashing some myths while supplementing with facts, we hope to portray why we are such believers in Keto. is a great resource for pretty much anything you would want to know with Keto.

1. “Keto is dangerous.”
Let’s get this one off the table right out of the gate. There are extremists in every avenue of life. From dieting and exercise, to religion and reform, you can find extremists anywhere. But in most scenarios, those areas are not extreme in their basic nature. Neither is Keto. When done correctly, Keto can be monumental in transforming the way your body creates and uses energy by changing your body from a “sugar burning system” to a “fat burning system”. Intermittent fasting is also a great tool to begin helping your body learn to use its own energy source. When you’re constantly putting sugar into it every 2 hours, why would it need to burn its own fat for energy? Will you feel hungry at first? Yes. Because your body is wondering where the sugar is. You have to teach it that it has all it needs to thrive, without being spoon fed carbs and sugar throughout the day. It also has been scientifically proven to help patients with epilepsy and polycystic ovarian syndrome, just to name two.

2. “Keto robs you of essential nutrients.”
No. Just no. Keto consists of low carb (not zero carb), moderate protein, and high in good fats. The carbs in Keto mostly come from veggies (which are packed full of nutrients!), but also from nuts and dairy. The only things you are restricted from eating are: Grains, potatoes, sugar, and fruit (excluding berries and avocado). As we know, gluten and sugar wreak havoc in the body. So, this eliminates that problem! Tell us what nutrients you are having to cut out that you can’t get from another source….got anything? That’s because the answer is none. Keto may initially rob you of a cortisol spike when you can’t engulf a brownie or buttered biscuit, but trust us, that will subside when your body realizes it didn’t actually need that anyways! More information on what to eat can be found here!: and Pinterest has some great keto recipes!

3. “Eating fat makes you gain weight.”
True, if you’re also eating carbs. Carbs break down to simple sugars and your body will always burn that first. But when you remove the carbohydrates to a low level, the body is forced to turn to its own fat source for energy! Good fats, such as coconut oil, eggs from pasture raised chickens, and butter from grass fed cows, have scientifically proven benefits such as aiding in weight loss and reducing inflammation. “But what about cholesterol?” Fun fact: Saturated fat and cholesterol nourish our body and tissues, support brain function, help balance hormones, and aid in healing when consumed from the right sources. You can read more about healthy fats here:

Pictured below are cauliflower “mashed potatoes” and not only are they delish, but they are also husband and kid approved!

4. “Low carb is hard to stay on.”
Speaking from experience, self-control is always hard. It’s hard not to spend too much money, it’s hard not to eat an entire pack of cookies when we feel like we deserve it, it’s hard not to binge watch Netflix instead of tending to our responsibilities. But you know what? We practice self-control every day. With all the whining and “I can’t” excuses aside, you’ll find that keto is extremely satisfying. It keeps you full, you don’t feel starved or even deprived for sweets, because there are many keto-approved, healthy desserts and snacks to keep you on track. Now, are you going to have to say “no” to the chicken alfredo when you’re out to eat with your family? Yes, you are. But with a bit of modification, there are a plethora of meals you can eat whether out at a restaurant or staying in. We’ve even attached a Pinterest board of delicious keto-approved recipes (which aren’t hard by the way!) to prove it.

We’re talking pancakes, meatballs, onion rings, pretzels, the works. Sounds contradictory, right? Ahhhh, but all made with keto approved ingredients means you don’t have to deprive yourself to get the results you want!

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