Flexibility (AIS)

Active Isolated Stretching works with the body to optimize flexibility.

What Our Clients Say

I attended Tennessee Sports Medicine Group due to horrible migraine headaches. My doctor wanted to do surgery to perform a nerve ablation but I refused. I agreed to a steroid injection in my neck to see if that would help, and it did, for about 6 days. After that, I told him that I wanted to try physical therapy before we did anything else. I came in with 7-8/10 migraine pain and I haven’t had another migraine since the first day I came! I feel that the Active Isolated Stretching program has been the most beneficial for me. I have had physical therapy at many other places for my knees and hips, but you all are unlike any other. Other physical therapy places seem stuck…mechanical almost. As if they only know one way to do something and if it doesn’t work for you then that’s just too bad. You all are so much more personalized, you offer explanations of each treatment, and you take a personal interest in each patient.


In Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), stretches are not held for 10 to 30 seconds as in traditional stretching. Instead, ropes and bands are used to pull the muscle a little bit further than the body would normally allow. AIS is a gradual stretch that lasts no more than two seconds, but relies on repetition for best results. The shortened stretching time does not activate the stretch reflex which allows for relaxed muscles and optimal stretching. Rather than triggering a muscle’s safety mechanism, AIS focuses on contracting the antagonist muscles in order to stretch the isolated muscle.

What is Unique about AIS

AIS is a specialized method of stretching that works with the body’s natural physiological makeup to improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints and fascia. AIS quickens the recovery process and helps prevent recurrence of injury.

Combining Therapy Exercises with AIS

We have found the rate of recovery is faster when we combine therapy exercises with AIS. This combination allows more fluid movement with increased levels of strength and stability.


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