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Train like an athlete, golf like a pro! Directed by Certified TPI Golf Performance Instructor, John Krusenklaus PT, OCS, The Whole in One Golf Conditioning Program improves postural balance, flexibility, core stability, golf specific strength, and power in athletes.

John Krusenklaus
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What Our Clients Say

After I went through the Whole In One Golf Program, I could absolutely tell a huge difference in my golf game. I was stronger and had increased my club head speed which allowed my to hit the ball further without swinging as hard. I didn't ache after my rounds and increased my core stabilization so my ball went straighter. Since completing the golf program at TSMG, I won the Charlotte Classic G-Pro Tour in June of 2017 and qualified for the PGA Tour-Canada. If you're looking to improve your game, I highly recommend TSMG's Whole In One Golf Program.

Brad Hawkins, Knoxville Golf Pro

Recreational golfers who’s goal is to lower their handicap must consider themselves athletes and physically train using programs that are scientifically designed to improve how the whole body moves and works together to generate power and accuracy.

Based upon the principles of Active Isolated Stretching to restore extremity and spine flexibility, we also combine golf-specific functional exercise. Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is an in-office, specialized approach to restore joint, muscle and myofascial flexibility. Tissue hydration and nutritional support are key components of the program and it succeeds in significantly improving how clients move and feel.

The Principals of Functional Exercise Include:

  • Restoration of muscle balance โ€“ length/tension relationships
  • Functionally integrated strength development
  • Development of improved coordination and motor skills
  • Optimization of joint health particularly with osteoarthritis
  • Optimal nutrition following the principles outlined in the Whole 30 Program

Comprehensive Evaluation Includes:

  • Postural analysis
  • Skeletal Alignment analysis-spine, shoulder, and lower limb alignment
  • Foot structure and mobility evaluation
  • Total body joint range of motion and flexibility assessment
  • Dynamic Movement Assessment-consists of 10 individual test that we use to evaluate your range of motion, flexibility, core strength, and the Gravity Line of your golf swing
  • Comprehensive Core/Hip Strength testing

Proven Benefits of This Program:

  • Explosive, powerful swings with maximum club head speed
  • Improve flexibility in golf-specific regions
  • Gain strength and stability with exercises tailored for a golfer, not a body builder
  • Improve your swing plane mechanics with postural correction and core training
  • Prevent injury and improve overall performance


Medical Insurance is accepted if the golfer is rehabilitating an injury or spinal condition.


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