Sportsmetrics is a clinically proven and field validated ACL injury prevention training program designed towards the female athlete.

Gabe Punke

Did you know...

Four of every non contact ACL injuries can be prevented.

Why is this needed?

  • 200,000 ACL injuries occur in US per year.
  • 1 in 100 high school female athletes sustain a catastrophic knee injury per year – the majority are non-contact
  • Females are five times more likely to sustain an ACL injury
  • ACL injuries usually are accompanied by meniscal tears, bone bruises, and chondral fractures
  • Females are at high risk to knee injury due to following factors: Less thigh muscular development, greater femoral anterversion, greater Q angle, increased flexibility/hyperextension, Genu valgum, external tibial rotation, excessive foot pronation, narrow intercondylar notch, increased joint laxity, and estrogen.
  • All of those factors play a role in decreasing collagen strength

Does Sportsmetrics work?

Numerous studies show that sportsmetrics trained athletes show a significant decrease in ACL injuries. Studies also show an increase in Knee separation at pre-land, land, and take off.

What does Sportsmetrics consist of?

  • Sportsmetrics is designed to be performed three times per week for six weeks
  • Each session is approximately 90 min to 120 min
  • 5 components: Dynamic warmup, Jump Training, Speed and Agility Training, Strength Training, and Flexiblity
  • Jump Training  is broken up into 3-2 week phases
  1. Phase I – Technique
  2. Phase II – Fundementals
  3. Phase III – Performance

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