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The health and performance of your team is our highest priority. We work with independent athletic organizations to see athletes excel with drastically reduced changes for injury.

Reduce chances of ACL injuries by 83%

200,000 ACL injuries occur in the US per year and the majority of them are non-contact. Our Sportsmetric ACL prevention program will reduce the chances of ACL injury by 83%. We will take your athlete through a series of exercises to condition his/her body to better handle the stresses that cause ACL injury as well as teach correct, injury-preventing techniques to ensure their athletic career is unhindered by needless injuries.

Our program is offered three times a week for six weeks and each session lasts 90 minutes. Your athlete will gain improved leg alignment, vertical jump, balance, and neuromotor control, which means a decreased risk of injury.

Other Services for Independent Athletic Organizations

Beyond our injury triage and ACL injury prevention program we offer several other services to your team:

  • Athletic event coverage with certified athletic trainers
  • Concussion and head injury protocol screenings
  • Same-day injury evaluations
  • Club sponsorships
  • Alter G stress test
  • Group Yoga and Pilates training
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation programs
  • MRI/XRay appointments within 24 hours if needed.
  • Personal Trainer at 4D Fitness (individuals or groups)
  • Lower extremity Active Isolated Stretching

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