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Aaron Stout
MS Exercise Physiology, Coordinator of Functional Rehabilitation, C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach Learn More About Aaron

What Our Clients Say

I was waking up in the middle of the night with neck and shoulder tightness at 5-6/10. I bought fancy pillows and expensive mattresses but nothing helped. After 4-6 months of trying, I finally went to my doctor who sent me here. After my first visit, I woke up with no pain and I slept 2 hours longer than normal! I feel like the manual therapy and manipulations have been what helped me the most. Joseph has put his whole heart into my therapy and into getting me better.

Theora Jamison

Our strength and conditioning expert works together with our staff to create exercise programs that combine multiple approaches to recovery.

Our programs integrate balance, strength, new movement patterns and flexibility. First, we increase joint flexibility where needed. Second, we implement specific exercises designed to introduce movement with an increased range of motion (i.e. 1st: hamstring and glute stretches, 2nd: deep squats and lunges).

We like to have fun with our movement!


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