February 13, 2019 Sleeping with Back Pain

Back Pain Keeping You Up? Then You’ll Want to Try These Sleep Tips 

When you live with chronic back pain, you’re likely also living with a chronic lack of sleep. Pain always seems to settle in as you are trying to fall asleep, so it’s important to find ways to alleviate your symptoms throughout the day. So, if your back is the source of your sleep pains, take some time to read through these helpful sleep tips. 

Reduce Discomfort and Inflammation with the Right Foods 

Your diet can affect all aspects of your physical health. The foods you eat can give you more energy during the day, help you maintain a healthier weight, and even make it easier to manage your chronic pain. Foods that support healthier jointscan be effective in controlling pain and discomfort due to chronic pain issues. Embracing healthy options like cruciferous vegetables, bone broths, and natural ginger can be a simple way to ease your pain and elevate your sleep quality. Choosing fruits that are loaded with vitamin C can also boost your joint health.

If you struggle with constant stomach discomfort, ginger is a food that can also provide relief from these symptoms. When adding joint-boosting foods to your diet, you should also avoid options that will irritate your digestive system, especially during an IBD episode. Ginger teas and bone broths can be soothing for flare-ups, but eating cruciferous vegetables can often make matters worse, even if they are cooked. 

Find More Pain Relief by Changing Up Your Sleep Habits 

Cleaning up your eating habits can have multiple positive outcomes for your overall health and well-being, but you need to work on your other habits as well. More specifically, when improved sleep quality is a major health goal, you should focus your efforts on improving your habits around bedtime. Creating an efficient bedtime routine is all about incorporating comforting practices and allowing your body to prepare itself for a good night’s sleep.

Try to schedule some time to unwind from all of the activities of your day, including responsibilities at home. However, be sure to keep electronics and screens out of your relaxation routines since screens can make calming your mind— an essential step for sleep, stress relief, and pain management — more difficult. The blue light from screens interrupts the production of melatonin, so turn off your devices if you want to develop better sleep habits. 

If you still find it challenging to get comfortable and get more rest, you may also need to examine your preferred sleep position. Certain positions are more beneficial for back pain and stomach issues, so find a healthy balance that helps you get the sleep you need. Finally, it may be time for a new mattress if you’ve been sleeping on the same one for many years. A memory foam mattress can give you the support you need.  

Soothe Stomach and Back Pain with Heat Therapy

If you live with IBD and other digestive health issues, you may already find relieffrom symptoms using a heating pad. Hugging your stomach with warmth can help lessen the feelings of pain and discomfort, but using a heating pad can also help out with other body aches that are preventing you from being able to relax. Regular heat therapyis a promising method for soothing damaged tissue, relaxing tense muscles, and reducing stiffness. Applying heat also reduces signals of pain and discomfort to your brain, which can make it easier to fall asleep at night.

Heating pads or warm water bottles are the easiest way to get relief in bed, but warming up your body ahead of bedtime can improve your health and sleep as well. Try taking a warm batha few hours before you crawl into bed to relax aching muscles and stop the pain from interfering with your sleep cycle. Slipping into a relaxing bath is also a perfect way to tame any tension and help lower your body’s temperature to the correct levels for relaxing sleep. 

You need sleep to stay healthy, but you also need it to control your back and stomach pain. So, try to incorporate the tips above to improve your sleep hygiene. 

Photo Credit:Pixabay

Guest Post By: Cheryl Conklin

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