General Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is the 2nd most common reason for someone to visit their Primary Care Physician, only 2nd to the Common Cold. The majority of low back pain is mechanical in nature. This means that there has been general degeneration of the joints, discs, and bones of the spine. Some examples of mechanical low back pain could include: sprains, strings, disc degeneration, herniated discs, radiculopathy, sciatica, and more!

Did you know...

As a society we are spending more money on lower back pain treatments than ever before, however, our outcomes aren't any better. We are prescribing more medications, doing more surgeries, doing more injections than ever before, therefore, we need to get to the root/cause of the pain rather than treating the pain itself.

Injury Overview


Back pain can have many causes; Some as basic as age, weight gain, weakness, or pregnancy and some as complex as genetics.


It is imperative to be evaluated by a Physical Therapist who understands the complexity of the Spine, who is going to search for the cause of the dysfunction and who will be able to manage the current signs and symptoms. A good Manual Physical Therapist will be able to determine where the pain has originated from and will be able to address "WHY" this has happened. Then there also needs to be core/hip stabilization training in order to mitigate future injury.


Back pain caused by improper body mechanics is easily preventable by keeping correct posture, lifting objects correctly, maintaining back and core strength, and avoiding movements that could potentially jolt or strain the back.

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