Gluteal Tendinopathy

Gluteal Tendinopathy is an injury to tendons in the hip and is found quite frequently. These gluteal tendons are what connects your femur and pelvis to the surrounding muscle. Although acute pain can occur from an immediate injury, Gluteal Tendinopathy is usually caused by degradation of the tendons over a long period of time.

Injury Overview


Tendons are very strong, in fact, they are built to help strengthen and deal with pressure, but like all parts of the body they break down over time. They are also subject to trauma and can be torn if you are involved in a serious accident. Although tendons break down over time, it is possible to do more damage to them if the activity that wears on them is done consistently.


For the most part, Gluteal Tendinopathy can be cared for at home and rest combined with icing the affected area are key. It is important to feel out how painful the tendonitis is and if the pain is acute and consistent you should contact your doctor immediately. Over time working the muscles a little at a time will help to restore strength and rigidity to the tendons as they heal.


There is not a definitive way to prevent Gluteal Tendinopathy however, you can do multiple things to strengthen your muscles and tendons as well as being careful to avoid any unnecessary strain on them. Stretching properly before exercises or playing sports can help promote a healthy routine for tendon care.

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