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The health and performance of your team is our highest priority.  We love working with independent athletic organizations to see athletes excel with drastically reduced chances for injury.

$35 Sports Injury Triage
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Reduce Chances of ACL Injury by 83%

200,000 ACL injuries occur in US per year and the majority of them are non-contact.  Our Sportsmetric ACL prevention program will reduce the chances of ACL injury by 83%.  We will take your athlete through a series of exercises to condition his/her body to better handle the stresses that cause ACL injury as well as teach correct, injury-preventing techniques to insure their athletic career is unhindered by needless injuries.  Our program is offered 3 times a week for 6 weeks and each session lasts 90 minutes.  Your athlete will  gain improved leg alignment, vertical jump, balance, and neuromotor control, which means a decreased risk for injury.

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Other Services for Independent Athletic Organizations

Beyond our $35 injury triage and ACL injury prevention program we offer several other services to your team:

  • Athletic event coverage with certified athletic trainers
  • Concussion and head injury protocol screenings
  • Same-day injury evaluations
  • Club sponsorships
  • Alter G stress test
  • Group Yoga and Pilates training
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation programs
  • MRI/XRay appointments within 24 hours if needed.
  • Personal Trainer at 4D Fitness (individuals or groups)
  • Lower extremity Active Isolated Stretching

Sports Physicals

We offer a low-cost per athlete comprehensive sports physical.  Our team of Sports Medicine Specialists can meet with your team as a group after school hours or on Saturdays.  We know that the safety and performance of your team are integral to your team’s success so we offer a quick, cost-effective solution for all local school and community sports teams.   Call John Krusenklaus at 865.599.1166 to schedule a time for your team.


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We are proud to partner with these local sports organizations: